Cardinal by Nicola Claire

Cardinal, (Citizen Saga, Book 2) - Nicola Claire

Cardinal begins not too long after Elite ends. The rebels are down several members, and a main base of operation. The person they are staying with as of now doesn't exactly have their trust, but they are doing what they can. Things between Lena and Trent are coming to a head when these two can't seem to fight the attraction any longer, along with having their trust tested. Trent and Lena have to go through a whole lot of craziness. But hopefully it will all be worth it. Especially when all of the rebels come to realize that the "Zebra" is a very important person in this war that's coming.

THIS BOOK WAS FANTASTIC! I actually enjoyed it much better than the first one, and I wasn't sure that could have been possible, but it was. I loved the relationship between Trent and Lena. They actually started showing a lot of emotion towards each other, and it was amazing. Not only that but every one using the "Zebra" as the calling card of the war was just amazing as well!

During Cardinal you could really feel a lot of the things Lena was feeling. She was so unsure, scared, and worried about everything but she still managed to stand STRONG through out it all! She's a very brave fierce female and I loved her.

Trent is an awesome alpha male, who I was afraid would let me down but by the end he had me almost in tears with the way things were going.

Now I'm super excited to read the next and final book in this trilogy!