Hired Gun by A.J. Bennett

Hired Gun (Serial Novel Book 1) - A.J. Bennett

Hired Gun begins with us getting to know Thorne and what his life is like now, and what it was like long ago. He's a major alpha male who kills for the people he works for. After the Gods turned their back on him, he's stayed on Earth for several centuries just existing and going through the motions. Throne keeps most people at a distance, and knows after losing the one he loved the most not to let that get in the way ever again.
But things change when he meets a mysterious woman one evening.

I really liked this book. It was a fast paced short read that seriously left you hanging, which it was meant to, but still! The book has a very good plot, and lots of great characters already. The only issue I had with it was around the 60% mark it seemed to kindle fizzle a little bit on the story aspect. Until the very end when it picked up again. Now I'm anxious to read the next one and figure out what's going on. And to learn more about the mysterious woman.