The Touch by Lisa Olsen

The Touch - Lisa Olsen

The Touch begins when Lexi's brother-in-law goes missing. Lexi has a gift of using her hands to touch objects to see things. So, her sister thinks she can help her find her husband. But when that becomes a problem another family member goes missing, and things go from bad to worse for Lexi and her sister. Not only that but Detective Ryan seems to be a man Lexi can't seem to get off of her mind, and he's equally intrigued by her. But when more strange things start to happen neither one are sure of what to do or what is to come.


The touch was okay. It wasn't bad, but it really wasn't great either. But the whole beginning till almost a little past the halfway point it was really good actually. But then to me it just sort of really fell flat. I also hated the way it ended. It frustrated me, and left us with still more questions even though it wasn't a cliffhanger.


The writing was good though, and I really enjoyed Lexi and Detective Ryan! Lexi is actually kind of funny, and her ability was super interesting. And the relationship that was developing between the two was awesome to watch as well.

So for me I liked the book, but if there is a second one I probably won't read it. This one was good to pass the time with for a while.