Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley

Penmort Castle - Kristen Ashley

Penmort Castle begins when Abby is down on her luck. She's out of money, living in a house that is pretty much the only thing she has left her of loved ones who have passed on. And when an opportunity comes available for her to pretend to be famous Cash Fraser's girlfriend she takes the job acting like a "professional." But neither Cash nor Abby were prepared for the feelings they would bring out in each other.And now they are stuck together for a while, and these feelings start to come out more and more each day they spend together.


And when ghosts and murderers start coming out of the wood works it won't be so easy to hide their feelings in the face of all the craziness, and danger that lies ahead.


Penmort Castle was a unique blend of contemporary meets paranormal ghosts. I really thought it was a good book, and great way to make this story stand out and be very interesting. I also loved both of the main characters, and once I got into the book I just could not put it down!


Now that doesn't mean that at times I didn't want to smack Cash for being an arrogant jerk, and shake Abby for being so utterly clueless and kind of cowardly at times, but I understood both of them as the story went on and I get why they acted like that at times!


The ending was also very good! I loved how everything turned out, and it had a great happily ever after! Now I look forward to reading more in this series.