Drop of Doubt by C.L. Stone

Drop of Doubt - C.L. Stone

Drop of Doubt is book five in the series. And it brings a whole new light to the Academy, and who exactly the boys are. Someone is threatening Sang. Now, all of the boys are out to try to keep her safe, even going a little overboard. But the problem is, this person may actually want to help Sang, or so they claim. And now they bring in that little bit of doubt to her mind. She's unsure what to think and who to turn to now. 


This book was good. I was a little bit frustrated with the person who claimed to be helping Sang, but I want to learn more about them. Other then that this one was very good! It was super interesting, and had a whole lot of drama! Also, Sang was able to help in this one as well, so that made it much more interesting. Now, I can not wait to continue this series. It's that good!