I Married a Billionaire by Melanie Marchande

I Married a Billionaire - Melanie Marchande

I Married a Billionaire begins when Maddy's boss asks her to his office one day. She's seen him around, but hasn't ever actually spoken with him before. It scares her half to death when he invites her to his office, and what he actually asks her freaks her out all the more. But she's just crazy enough to do it. Well, maybe. 


After she agrees to the crazy idea, Maddy isn't so sure she made the right choice. And now with her ever confusion of the man she married, and all of the other obstacles, she just wants to make it through the next year and see how it goes, but that may not be an option when things get rough. 


This was a pretty short story with a interesting plot line. But I felt the characters sort of fell flat towards the middle and end of the story. I was excited about the beginning. It felt really interesting, and I enjoyed the characters. But then towards the middle and end of the book there wasn't much of a change between the characters, and I couldn't ever really understand who they felt about each other. That made it not so enjoyable. 

I don't really see myself reading the next book, but this one had a nice plot line, so I did like the book.