A Touch of Heat by Nicola Claire

A Touch Of Heat (H.E.A.T. Book 2) - Nicola Claire

A Touch of Heat begins with Detective Lara Keen being all messed up. She's losing everything. She feels she's losing her boyfriend, who she just got back together with, and like she's losing her whole world too. But it gets worse when she gets a murder case that involves a strange club called Sweet Hell. The problem is, her boyfriend has actually recently been to that club, and could be implicated as the murder suspect. But so can a few other people the Detective knows as well. 


When everything in her life seems to be spiraling out of control, she's unsure how to move on and what to do next. But with her job, she knows she just can't give up so she must keep going. And with her boyfriend she also knows she can't give him up either. She has to be strong if she ever wants to make it out of this mess. 


This book was utterly fantastic! Nicola Claire has gritty crime drama down to an art! 

The story kicked off with Keen being majorly not herself, but also trying to find a way to make things better with Michael. And when things got rough, I wasn't at all sure what to think about the book at first, but then the direction it took was amazing. I loved what happened, and I was so happy with the hero and heroine at the end of the story as well. 


This is a very good story about two people who are messed up, and admit they aren't perfect, but it's not taken to a major extreme. It's in perfect context. And then the plot line just sucks you in from the beginning and has you begging for more in the end. 


Well done, Nicola, well done. This is truly one of my favorite Nicola Claire books, and now one of my top ten favorite books EVER!