Blind-Sided by T. Hammond

Blind-sided: Team Red, Book 5 - T. Hammond, Tara Shaner

Blind-Sided begins with Bas being off on an assignment, and Teresa and Red are still home. Things for Teresa aren't going so well. She can't sleep, and she's losing lots of weight because of it. She has a major case of PSTD, and there seems to be a few more problems as well. So, while she goes to the doctor with her best friend she ends up getting checked out, and finds out some rather odd news. Now, Bas and Teresa will have to figure out how much their relationship will really be able to handle. Add in all of the jobs they are fixing to go on, and drama from David and his wife Marcie, and you have a whole world of trouble. 


This was a short story that basically seems to lead us in the a certain direction for the next book. It starts out good, and continues that way until the end with a crazy cliffhanger. I can not believe it ended like that, and now I'm even more excited about the next one! 

This one had drama, some sexy times with Bas, and us getting to see a little bit how hard things are going for Teresa!