Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons

Running on Empty (Mending Hearts, #1) - L.B. Simmons

Running on Empty begins when Alex is on her way to work and runs out of gas. She had a tough morning with her three little girls, and remembering her dead husband. Now, her day seems to get worse especially when her oldest friend who she hasn't seen in almost twenty years shows up to help her. It seems Alex can't help herself, and lets all her anger and frustration out on him... But then Alex seems to remember what it use to be like between her and Blake, and all of the mistakes she made in the past, and has made now. So, these two start to form a friendship again, but sometimes things aren't as easy as they seem. 


Alex has problems with people helping her, and with getting over her dead husband. And Blake has always been there for Alex no matter what, but sometimes enough is enough... 

These two have a whole lot of issues to work out before they can continue to be friends, or even hope for more. 


When I started reading this book I thought it was actually pretty interesting. Then I learned pretty fast the the heroine was a major bit*ch. I seriously could not stand her at all. Even when I should have felt bad for her, I didn't. She had no sympathy from me. I hated the way she acted, and the way she treated others. I also didn't really care for her friend Harlow either. The only person I liked in the book were the little girls and Blake. 


Other then that though, I did like the plot line for the most part. I think it could have been better if the heroine was a nicer person.