Gaming for Keeps by Seleste deLaney

Gaming for Keeps - Seleste deLaney

Gaming for Keeps begins with Pen playing an mmo online and getting asked by her virtual guy friend to meet at a con called ConDamned. The problem is Pen hasn't had the best of luck with guys, and she's not so sure she wants to ruin the illusion of her friend online, especially because he calls her, "darling," and always has her back. But she decides to go ahead and go through with it and meet him at the con. Well, little did she know that the guy she's actually looking for is a spy named Cal, who is working that weekend. 

These two find each other under strange circumstances, but the quickly become some thing more, but it could be too late when trouble seems to find them at every corner. 


I really really liked this book! It had a whole lot of character, and a very unique plot line as well. I loved the plot line. It was very interesting, and kept me wanting more. The only thing I wish would have been better was more of Cal and Pen time together. It felt like we didn't really get to see their relationship bloom, other then that I very much enjoyed this one, and I look forward to more in this series as well!