Bliss: Managing Mayhem by R.E.S. Tidmore

Bliss: Managing Mayhem - R.E.S. Tidmore

This story begins when River finds out her brother Mathew has just died. So, she finally goes to California to take care of his house, and all of his personal items that he left to her. Since her horrid mother had his funeral without her, River thinks this will be a good way to try move on with her life, and let go of a whole lot of guilt she has. 


While there she goes to a bar that her brother use to visit a lot. She never expected to run into a man named Bliss, who actually owns the bar. But when she finds out they are hiring she decides to go for it, even though the hot owner doesn't seem to like her much. 


This book was very good! I really enjoyed the story and characters. I loved the whole plot line, it kept me interested from the start, all the way till the end. I really loved River's character as well. I enjoyed getting to see her change through out the story, and how much Bliss helped her with it as well. The only thing that bothered me about it was the end. I was a little frustrated with out rushed it felt, and the turn it went through. Other then that I really enjoyed this read, although it was very sad at times.