San Francisco Serenade by Ginger Voight

San Francisco Serenade - Ginger Voight

The story begins when Sabrina has to go to her favorite city in the world (San Francisco) through the Christmas holidays. The only thing is this she's really lonely. Her last relationship ended right after this holiday last year, and she's unsure where her life is going now. But when she sees her teenage rockstar crush across the room in the hotel lobby she thinks maybe she will get a chance to meet him. But that quickly turns out not so great.
However, when she least expects it he has a change of heart, these two lonely souls find each other for Christmas, but will it be enough to last longer then the holidays?

This was a very short sweet Christmas story. I really loved both the hero and heroine, and the whole plot was interesting as well. The only thing that could have been better was the insta love part. Now, that being said I do like the instant love connection that is in a lot of books, however, I just wish we could have seen more of what connected them together then what we did see. It was still a very interesting short read that really got me in the Christmas spirit!