Karma by Donna Augustine

Karma  - Donna Augustine

Karma begins when Camilla dies from a horrible accident. Now, she's being told she's the new Karma. This is all so odd for her she can't understand it, but add in her new job, the goodbye to her human life, and not to mention Fate seems to be out to get her literally, she's just really have a bad time of it. But when things start heating up she's there to take on her current job, and to learn about her murder.

This book started out semi interesting, but I was seriously annoying with the heroine. BUT that didn't last long at all. I soon fell in love with this unique hilarious story about Karma, Fate, add a dash of Murphy's Law, and Lady Luck and you get a whole new world of awesome craziness. I just adored this book, and by the end I was anxiously waiting for the next one. It ended up being just the right amount of humor, and seriousness mixed into one big package! I now look forward to reading more in this series!