Jinxed by Donna Augustine

Jinxed (Karma) (Volume 2) - Donna Augustine

Jinxed begins when something bad happens to a new friend of Karma's. It seems with all of her bad luck lately that she's the one who is really jinxed. In her mission to help bring back her friend, and avoid Fate at all costs, she signs up for a some things that may completely change her as a person, and not for the better. She does some pretty crazy things, and endures far worse for this friend, with no luck at all. But Fate may have to step in to help her, or hope may be lost. 


Jinxed was a lot different then I thought it was going to be. I had actually read a few bad reviews about it, and I was sort of leery of it. But I really shouldn't have worried. This story just got more intense, with some good humor, and crazy new things going on. I can not wait to read the next book, and I highly recommend this series. Even if you see a bad review, I wouldn't let the keep you from this if your into some crazy morbid humor, with lots of drama and action.