Red Dawn by J.J. Bonds

Red Dawn - J.J. Bonds

Red Dawn is the sequel to the awesome Crossroads book. In this one, Katia will stop at nothing to help save her friend who has a rare condition. She's going to break all the rules to help her friend. And along the way she's going to have to figure out a few more relationship stuff of her own. 


This book was not nearly as good as the first one. Red Dawn had a lot of drama in it that never really seemed to reveal itself, and then when it did we were left with more questions. I was also really frustrated with the way Katia acted in the beginning when it came to the whole Jade issue. I felt like she acted a little immature, and then did a complete 180 and forgave for stuff.. That never made sense to me, and it was frustrating. But Katia did change back into her old self after that, and I was extremely glad. Other then those things, I really did enjoy the book, and I still look forward to reading more in this series.