Second Chance Holiday by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Second Chance Holiday - Aurora Rose Reynolds

In this short Christmas story, Mike (November's Dad, from the Until Series) is not looking for love. After being hurt by his daughter's mother so many years ago, he doesn't want to go through that again. But when he sees Kat, the woman who he had a crush on in high school is back in town things start to change. These two can't help but be together, but there are a few problems that have to be worked through. Like Kat having a teenage son who is extremely angry, and Mike being scared to love again.

This was a very beautiful Christmas story that included all of the characters from the Until series, and the ending was just beautiful as well. I also really really loved the relationship that developed between Mike and Brandon. That was something extremely beautiful that you do not often see in books, because most of the time authors spend more time on the hero and heroine, but this was just perfect. I truly loved this book, and it was a perfect Christmas story as well.