Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Wicked begins when Ivy ends up getting hurt one night while out fighting Fae. See, she's part of the Order, which is where she goes off fighting the Fae to help keep humans safe. The problem is this one night when she gets hurt, her whole world seems to get turned upside down. On top of that she has to help the strange, sexy new guy, Ren learn the ropes around town. But he's hiding his own secrets, secrets that could be dangerous, and now Ivy's determined to figure everything out before it is too late.


This book was packed full of action, romance, and crazy paranormal stuff! I really enjoyed the whole plot line. It hooked me right from the start and I couldn't pull my eyes away from the book until the very last page! It was that good. But I'm coming to learn with this author that she's utterly amazing at doing any type of paranormal book! The heroine in Wicked was freaking awesome as well. She's super brave, and smart! Not only that but the relationship between her and Ren was also awesome. They had a great build up, and I loved them together. Now, the only downside is having to wait for the next book!