King Cave by Scarlett Dawn

King Cave - Scarlett Dawn

The second book in this series begins with Ezra, Pearl, Jack, and Lily trying to work with the upcoming war. Everyone keeps having so much loss and heartbreak, they aren't sure what to do. And Ezra and Lily are also fighting their feelings for each other, and enter new relationship problems. They have to figure out their feelings, and all of their trials while keeping secrets and staying alive as well. 


This book was really good. I have to admit for the first half of it I was a little bit frustrated with the way Lily and Ezra acted. Especially after something really bad happened. That bugged me so freaking much. But other then that the rest of it was awesome, until the cliffhanger ended. I can no believe what happened. It was blowing. I was so not expecting any of that to happen at all. I really do hope the next ends with an HEA, and the Queens and Kings get to change some of the old laws. I'm really excited to read the next one!