Electric Storm by Stacey Brutger

Electric Storm (A Raven Investigations Novel Book 1) - Stacey  Brutger

This story begins when Raven goes out for a night with her friends. They didn't show up, so she ended up going into the club all by herself not knowing what was really going on. Now, she ends up in possession of a shifter and his guardian. Not only that, but it seems that people every where now want to be around her more, and they seem to be learning her secrets. She can not allow this, but it seems to be unstoppable. Especially with a killer on the loose who knows who she is want what she's doing. 


This book was not at all what I was expecting. To be honest, I was a little scared at first when I started reading it, but then I was hooked. I really loved Raven. She is so strong, but yet super loyal and nice too. I loved that about her. Not only that I also loved the relationship between her and the "pack." It made things much more interesting. I really can not wait to read the next book now!