Till Death by Bella Jewel

'Til Death - Bella Jewel

Till Death begins when Marcus realizes he has to have something in order to keep his company. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he didn't believe there was any other way. And Katia didn't want to fall for anyone. She was good with the one night they shared, but when it became apparent he wasn't going to leave her alone, she started to actually fall for him. Then months later she ends up marrying him. But he's hiding things from her, and she's unsure of what's going to happen next. 


I really did like this one. I loved the shortness of it, and the characters. But the problem was I was a little bit frustrated with Marcus half the book, then the other half I was kind of thinking that Katia was a little bit dumb, even though she really didn't act dumb. But when it came to Marcus she was just plain stupid. I really felt bad for her at times, but then other times I was like seriously? WTF is wrong with you? 


The story has my interest completely now. I can not wait to read the next one. This one for sure ended with a cliffhanger, but that was to be expected. Just a tip, whatever you think you know about this book from reading the blurb, or listening to others talk about it, you really don't know anything about. I highly recommend reading it before casting any judgments. Because I wasn't really sure about it at first after reading all of the above things, but once I read it I was really glad I did.