Darkness Divides by Susan Illene

Darkness Divides - Susan Illene

Darkness Divides begins when a magical explosion brings about a lot of destruction and pain to lots of people. Melena is asked to help find the person responsible, and when she does they are going to need the help of Lucas. But the problem is he's in purgatory for a very long time. Melena is going to do what she can to stop the horrible things that are happening, but she may be too late. 


This one was good, but a little bit frustrating. I kind of hated how Lucas acted at times, but other then that I really did enjoy the book. It was nice to see how Melena acted around a whole lot of new sups, and how she handled the situation with Emily. I don't want to say much more because it will give it all away. But I did enjoy this one, and I look forward to more.