Darkness Clashes by Susan Illene

Darkness Clashes - Susan Illene

In the fourth book of the Sensor series, Melena and Lucas are back together. But problems are sure to arise. Lucas is searching for his brother, and it seems people are determined to keep her and Lucas apart. And when she must attend a ball in New Orleans things just seem to get worse. Along with the human agents that know about the supernatural world and everything else Melena is not sure she can handle it all. 


This book was really really good. I loved getting to see more about Melena and Lucas. I also loved getting to see Melena try to take care of everything even though she's hiding a secret. This one had lots of drama, action, and a whole lot of pain in it. I also couldn't believe what happened in the end, and that cliffhanger. It was freaking crazy! Now I need the next book asap!