Something to Curse About by G.L. Drummond

Something to Curse About (Discord Jones #2) - Gayla Drummond

The second book in the series begins with people beginning forced to commit suicide. Cordi is not at all sure what is going on, but she must find out. But before she is able to she ends getting turned into a dog. Now, she has a whole lot of problems to deal with, and her new adversion to her boyfriend... She must work hard to figure out how to get back to normal before it is all too late. 


This book was straight up hilarious. And I mean roll-on-floor-laughing-my-butt-off hilarious. I couldn't believe what was going and then I was just struck stupid by what actually happened. And you may actually think that what happened was dumb and pointless, but the author made it work so well. I really really loved this book! It is way better then the first and has tons of new things going on in it. The only thing I didn't like was Nick and Cordi together still. But I think she's starting to learn a few things about him that aren't all that great. Hopefully in the next book she will come to her senses.