Save the Last Vamp for Me by G.L. Drummond

Save the Last Vamp for Me (Discord Jones Book 3) - Gayla Drummond

Save the Last Vamp for Me begins when Cordi has to help out a master vamp figure out why so many are dying. But it gets even more complicated when a vamp from her past comes out to try to get her again. Not only that but she and Nick seem to be having a few problems, kind of meet the parents type of problems. And then there is a fact that Cordi still needs to find a house. Add all of this together and it's a crazy drama ride for Cordi. 


This book was good! It was also sad at times, and a little frustrating. I could't believe a lot of the things that happened in it. But I was also really glad about the things that happened with Nick! I really can't stand that guy. So, now I'm super excited about the next book. This series gets better ever book!!