Frost & Bothered by G.L. Drummond

Frost & Bothered (Discord Jones Book 4) - Gayla Drummond

Cordi has a lot of new stuff in her life right now. New clan member, maybe a new boyfriend type of person with Logan, new house, and of course a new case. But this case is different then some of her others, and it takes her to a world she's never been to before along with more Gods, and crazy things. She has to be careful or she may not make it back home in one piece, even though she thinks she's going crazy... 


This one was really good! I love Logan and Cordi together! They make the perfect couple. Not only that I also love the case they were working on, and getting to find out more about Cordi's powers. But I didn't like the ending. It ended with me having lots and lots of questions about what is going to happen next. I can not wait for the next book!