Angel Kin by Tricia Skinner

Angel Kin - Tricia Skinner

Angel Kin begins when Katie Logan accidentally witnesses a murder. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something she shouldn't have been doing in the first place. So, when she goes to the "Bound" for help, things go from bad to worse. Probably begins her "protector" looks just like the killer. Now, unknown secrets, and the past is coming back to hunt those who work for the Bound, and Katie is smack dab in the middle of it. They have to be quick if they wish to protect her, especially when emotions start to get in the way.

This book was very interesting. I loved the fact that Katie was kind of a thief, and ended up at the wrong palce at the wrong time. It made her character much more interesting since she wasn't completely good. And Cain. His pain was pretty crazy, and the attraction between them was extreme. I felt bad for him a lot during this book. But it was still very interesting. The only thing that bugged me was it felt kind of rushed, but other then that I enjoyed it a whole lot.