Deadly Intentions (Hardy Brothers Security #1) by Lily Harper Hart

Deadly Intentions (Hardy Brothers Security Book 1) - Lily Harper Hart

Deadly Intentions begins when Mandy runs into her old best friend from a child. She tells her she needs some help because she thinks she is in danger. So, her friend tells her to go to her brothers' security firm.  When she was young Mandy had a crush on her friend's brother James. But he was older then her, and didn't see her that way. Now, though she's not a little girl, and James isn't at all sure what he should do with that. While he's trying to help, he's also trying to figure out what he feels for her, and he can't seem to stay away from her either. 


This story was okay. It was a pretty interesting fast paced read. I felt it was good till you got toward the end, then it got a little bit boring. Other then that the plot was interesting, and the characters were all very interesting as well. Even when they made a few stupid choices, it still turned out fairly well. I really did enjoy it.