Let Me Go by D.C. Renee

Let Me Go - D.C. Renee

Let Me Go begins when Mason gets out of Prison after being wrongly accused of rape. He has revenge on his mind, and intends to make the person who put him there pay for what she did. Kat just lost everything pretty much. She has no money, no job, no boyfriend, no friends or family, and is about to lose her home because of no money. Down on her luck, she never expected to wake up one day and be kidnapped by a guy who states she had him sent to prison when she had never even seen him before that night. Things go from bad to worse for both of them when neither one can seem to really get what they want from the other. And they each better figure things out quickly before feelings start to get involved are all hope will be lost..

This book was okay. I enjoyed the story line for the most part, even though I sort of guessed what would happen in the end. The only thing I didn't really care for was the heroine. I felt like she was grade a stupid. Not only that she kept repeating in her mind the same thing over and over again even though the hero pretty much explained it all to her. It drove me nuts. But other then that this was a pretty interesting story about revenge, and find love in strange places. This isn't a dark romance, so you don't have to worry about that. That said, I was sort of hoping for a little bit of humor in it, but there really wasn't any of that either.