Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker begins when Jamie, the social exile of the school, agrees to help Ryan Miller with a bet. See, Ryan agreed to have her kiss him in order to ask someone else out to a school dance. So, Jamie actually agrees, and that's when all of her problems seem to come to a head. Now, Ryan can't seem to stay away from her. And she's in danger of losing her heart, mind, and life with just someone get close to her. She has to be very careful so no one can find out her secret, or her whole family will be in danger. 


This book was not at all what I was expecting. I was actually a little scared to try reading it, because I thought it would be a typically YA paranormal romance.. Boy, was I WRONG! It was so much better!

 Yes, it has romance!

Yes it has an awesome hero!

 YES, it has an awesome heroine. 

But it also has a freaking awesome story that keeps everything entertaining and very very intriguing. Seriously, this book was extremely good! I enjoyed everything about it. And I totally loved how Ryan wasn't exactly the perfect hero he seemed at the beginning, but he wasn't a jerk either. I just loved this book a whole heck of a lot! I can not wait to read more in this series!!