A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan

A Girl Named Digit - Annabel Monaghan

A Girl Named Digit begins when Farrah ends up finding out a code for a terrorist attack. She's been hiding who she is all through out high school, so she could actually have a "normal" life, but all of that changes when she ends up having to use the FBI's help to stay alive. Along the way she and a rookie FBI agent end up getting a little more close then normal, and all kinds of crazy things start to happen!


I really enjoyed this book. It was really good. It had a very interesting plot line, with some great characters as well. The only issue I had with it, was it was sometimes hard to "feel" what Digit was feeling. It was almost just cut and dry with out a lot of feelings. But other then that I enjoyed it a whole lot! And the ending was a complete HEA, with a beautiful laugh!