More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

More Than Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram

More Than Jamie Baker begins with Jamie and her friends in college. And once again she's at the site of an accident. The only issue this time is she didn't save the person. Now, Jamie and her boyfriend are determined to get her out there to help people, as long as she's safe. But she has cause for concern when people start following her, and when a new guy shows up Teddy. He starts to cause a whole lot of problems..


This one was good, but I hated the issues with Teddy. And I really hated the cliffhanger ending, and what it means. I'm a little nervous to read the next book now, but I really hope Teddy gets what he deserves. Other then that it was awesome seeing more of Ryan and Jamie together. And getting to see the whole plot line expand some! I really enjoyed this one a whole lot. And I do look forward to the next one!