Finding Lacey Moon by Donya Lynne

Finding Lacey Moon (Hope Falls Book 1) - Donya Lynne, Laura LaTulipe

Finding Lacey Moon begins with Lacey having a horrible accident while in the Olympics. Afterwards, she realizes that maybe she isn't exactly doing what makes her happy anymore, that something is missing. So, she sets out on a course to find herself, and find what makes her happy. It ends up taking her to Hope Falls, where the first day there she ends up seeing the hottest man ever. From that moment on her life changed. She just doesn't know it yet. And for Scott, whose life has been anything but easy, isn't so sure about trusting the new arrival, but he can't keep away from her. They must learn to trust each other before it is all too late. 


This book was a pleasant surprise. It was a really fast paced short story, with lots of intriguing characters, and a very interesting plot line. I thought over all the book was very good! I also loved the relationship between Scott, and Lacey. And it just got better as the book went on. I look forward to reading more in this series now!