The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams

The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams

The Shadow Reader begins with McKenzie being told to leave class by a Fae she knows very very well. He says she's in danger. And well, he would be right. When she thinks she's going to get away from the people who wish to take her, she ends up getting kidnapped. The rebels, the Fae who are rebelling against the Court, are the ones who need McKenzie. They do everything they can to show her a different side to the Fae she thought she knew. Now, she's all twisted up inside, and confused. McKenzie must try to figure out whose side she's on before it is all too late.


This book was okay. It had an interesting story. But I just couldn't get into very much. At first it was really good, but then it just got slightly boring. And I grew frustrated with the kind of love triangle kind of not. It was a little annoying. Other then that the plot line was pretty interesting, though I realized that I won't continue with this story it didn't hold my interest for very long.