The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy

The Deal (Off-Campus Book 1) - Elle Kennedy

The Deal begins when Garrett Graham needs help passing an exam so he won't get kicked off of the hockey team. Pretty much the only person to pass it with a good grade was, Hannah Wells. Garrett thinks she will be like any other girl and see his panty-melting smile and be done for. But he is seriously wrong. Hannah doesn't fall for his charms, and instead tells him no. Garrett however, won't let it go. These two end up making a deal to end all deals. They need each other for now. 

And during this time they both start to get a lot closer then they actually realized they would. But there are other forces out there who wish to see these two kept apart. 


This book was really good, and not at all what I expected it to be. It was so much better. I was actually a little bit nervous to start it, because I didn't want it to be predictable, and it wasn't. It was so much better then what I thought! I truly adored the whole plot line. 

And both of the main characters were witty, smart, and perfect for each other. This was a great read!