A Game Worth Watching by Samantha Gudger

A Game Worth Watching - Samantha Gudger

A Game Worth Watching begins when Emma gets asked to join the girls basketball team at school. The problem is 1) they suck, 2) Emma is just wanting to stay with her best friend, and enjoy her senior year before he goes off to college, and she's left alone. 

But her best friend isn't going to let that happen. And he for sure isn't going to leave her alone while he goes off to college. He ends up talking her into playing for the team. But these two have a whole lot of issues to sort through, especially when it comes to what they each feel for each other. 


This book was pretty interesting. It is basically a coming of age novel, about a young girl who has an awesome talent, but doesn't know it. She also has a really crappy family, but friends who care about her more then anything. I really liked this book. It was pretty interesting, and had some great characters as well.