High Stakes (Bo Blackman #3) by Helen Harper

High Stakes (Bo Blackman Book 3) - Helen   Harper

Bo Blackman is not your ordinary run of the mill vampire. Nope, she's a private investigator, and she recently left the "Family." Now, while she's trying to figure out her relationship problems and deal with the repercussions of being out of the Family, a woman is brutally assaulted. Bo is now going to do everything in her power to figure out who did this to her, and why.  But it may not be so easy. Especially when she has so many others to think of, and the media after her as well. 


This book was okay. It's not as good as previous books, but it was still pretty interesting. I was a little bit annoyed with the fact that Bo kept pushing Michael away. It drove me nuts. Other then that I liked the plot line, and all of the main characters. I look forward to reading more in this series.