Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

Dead Heat begins with Anna and Charles going to visit an old friend of his to buy Anna a horse. Things have been a little tense between them lately due to a few arguments over some very sensitive subjects. And Anna doesn't really know what they are going into, but she hopes to get more answers out of Charles soon. But neither of them realized exactly what they would be walking into when they came to this place, and it all sort of spirals out of control.

This book was okay. It wasn't as good as previous books, but not bad either. Honestly, it was a little bit boring and almost felt like a "filler" type of book. But other then that I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Charles, and see how he and Anna acted around each other. I was a little pissed at him sometimes in this book though. I know it didn't bother Anna, but bugged me that he didn't even tell her certain things about the people she was about to meet. That really bothered me. But it all turned out okay. And I loved the ending! I do look forward to reading more in this series!