Karma Girl (Bigtime #1) by Jennifer Estep

Karma Girl (Bigtime superhero series) (Volume 1) - Jennifer Estep

Karma Girl begins on Carmen's wedding day. She discovers that her soon to be husband is actually a superhero, but not only that he was cheating on her with a woman who was not only her best friend, but also the town's supervillian. So, now Carmen is out to expose who the real superhero and supervillians are in the world! She does her hardest to get that done. But when something bad happens, and Carmen gets twisted in the world of the Fearless Five and Terrible Triad things start to look pretty glum for miss Carmen. Now, she has to put her skills to major use before the clock runs out and she looses her life. 


This book was so different then what I was thinking, but in a really great way. First, let me say that I wanted to read this book because it is written by Jennifer Estep, one of my favorite authors, and it is about superheros! So, I thought that will be awesome. 


But, then I saw a review about the book and it was a really bad review. That made me slightly weary about it. But once I started reading Karma Girl I couldn't put it down. 


Jennifer Estep has done it again! I love her Mythos Academy series, and the Elemental Assassin series, and the start of this one was no different. It was truly awesome! 


The things I LOVE:

1) The way the book was written! It felt like three small stories in one big story. Totally loved that. 


2) Loved the superhero aspect!


3)Loved the heroine and hero! The hero is major hot and mysterious. While the heroine is totally smart in-your-face outgoing, and sassy!


4) Loved the Romance between the hero and heroine! 


5) The cheesy aspect of it. Some parts were kind of cheesy, but I totally dug them. 


6) Last, but not least the whole plot line! It had me right from the start and I was begging for more. 


Things I didn't like so much:

1) Fiona Fine! Couldn't stand her. I hope she has a better personality in the next book.


2) Kind of hated some of the cheesy parts even though I loved some of them as well. 


3) Wish there had been a little bit more romance. 



And that's a wrap! 


I really hope you give this book a chance, especially if you liked this author's author books! It is totally worth it.