Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica Park

Flat-Out Celeste - Jessica Park

Flat-Out Celeste begins with Celeste trying to decide which college to attend. She's been trying to get into all of the Ivy Leagues, and some others, but isn't yet sure which one to go to. She's also still having problems with her social skills, and just wants her life to be a little different. She thinks college will change that, but then she starts to have some doubts. 


Then out of the blue she starts to get some emails from a guy named Justin who goes to a college that wants Celeste to attend their school. After lots of back and forth between the two, Justin and Celeste end up meeting for real one day. From that day on these two start a beautiful relationship that seems to help them both with their quirks. But not everything is great with Celeste especially when it comes to her brother Matt.  She and Matt must both discover what their issues are before it is too late. 


This book was Flat-Out Awesome! I truly adored the whole plot line. And Celeste made the book extremely interesting and hilarious. As did Justin. I think they made a beautiful couple. And I loved how it wasn't just romance with these two. It was also friendship, and learning how to be yourself. It was also nice to see a little bit of Julie and Matt again. Although, I kind of wish they had their own second book, and not taken away some of Celeste's shine. But I still very much enjoyed it.