#Nerd by Cambria Herbert

#Nerd (The Hashtag Series Book 1) - Cambria Hebert

#Nerd begins when Rimmel is required to tutor the football star Romeo. The problem is he's a complete jerk even though he's hot. And Rimmel doesn't want to be around him just as much as he doesn't want to be around her. But Romeo seems to be attracted to her, but then there's a challenge that comes into play. And Romeo is unsure of what to do about it, especially since it involves Rimmel. These two must figure out what they want before the rest of the world tries to pull them apart.. 


This book was not what I was expecting. I really enjoyed the plot line, and I liked Rimmel for the most part. I hated Romeo for the whole first half though. I started to like him somewhat towards the end, but I still thought he was a jerk. And Rimmel, while I liked her I also hated the fact the she was kind of a doormat at times. 

Other then that though the book was pretty interesting. And I did like it. But it seemed to be missing something to make it great.