Crying Wolf by Rochelle Paige

Crying Wolf - Rochelle Paige

Crying Wolf begins when Grace has a plan to escape her current cop boyfriend. He's not the man she thought he was, and she's now in danger. After finally leaving him and being on the run for six months. She finds a new town to live in for a while, and a bar to work at. That's where she meets Hunter Tate. She has an instant attraction to him, but she wants to fight it off as long as she can. But Hunter won't take no for an answer, and he has a whole lot of secrets he's waiting to tell her, but is afraid of what will happen. 


This book was very interesting. I really liked how smart Grace was, and I loved the things she did to get away from the bad boyfriend. Then when she meets Hunter I also really enjoyed them together as well. I liked the whole plot line, and enjoyed all of the steamy parts as well. I only wish the book had been a little longer.