Thrown to the Wolves by Rochelle Paige

Thrown to the Wolves (Black River Pack Book 3) - Rochelle Paige

Thrown to the Wolves begins when Annora escapes a really bad fate. She finds Elias Reve, a man who is looking for his daughter, and he takes her with him to escape what she's running from. Once they reach their destination Annora finds her mate Parker. He knows she isn't a wolf shifter, but will accept her anyway. These two start off the mating really quickly, but they soon learn that Annora is in danger, and they must fight for her to stay with them. 


This was a great ending for these brothers. I loved Parker and Annora together. And I also really loved how easy is was once they finally found each other. Plus I really loved Annora finding a family that cares about her. This one was probably my favorite of the three. And I highly recommend this series. It is short, but it was a nice wonderful series to pass the time with.