Vampire Princess Rising by Jami Brumfield

Vampire Princess Rising - Jami Brumfield

The second book in the series takes place a month after the first one ends. Savannah is now a Vampire Princess and must follow the rules of a woman who she isn't sure she can trust. Along with a whole lot of anger towards her family members and her despair things aren't looking good for her. Becca on the other hand is drowning in guilt, and still trying to protect her new pack, and deal with her new relationship problems. These two need to learn how to work together before it is much too late. 


This one just wasn't for me. I really tried to like it, but the story just got boring rather quickly. And I was annoyed with how Savvy acted, and just frustrated with the whole thing. I also felt after about 50% of the book it started to just skip over things, and more drama was happening that didn't make sense, or seemed to come out of no where. 

So, overall this just wasn't for me. I didn't really care for it.