Lone Wolf Rising by Jami Brumfield

Lone Wolf Rising - Jami Brumfield

This book begins when Rebecca does something that will change her life forever. She is now a werewolf, but she never would have guessed she was more then that before all of this happened. She's on a quest to find her parents killers, but what she will uncover is a whole lot more than she was expecting. Along the way she meets two guys she can't seem to stay away from, but she also can't seem to decide which one is for her. Then her family is in danger, and she must fight to protect them. 


Lone Wolf Rising was okay. I liked the story line for the most part, although it got annoying at times. I still enjoyed it. But I just didn't like Rebecca. I felt like she was a winy brat, and that just frustrated me. I was expecting more from her I guess. I did like the other two heros in the story though, and I did like Rebecca's sister as well. 

Over all this one was okay, and a nice paranormal read to pass the time with.