Heat by Penny Reid

Elements of Chemistry: HEAT (Hypothesis Series Book 2) - Penny Reid

Heat picks up right where the first one left off. Kaitlyn is numb to what happened earlier, but she is determined to still enjoy her trip. Martin finds her and explains things to her, then these two start to get really hot and heavy. But Kaitlyn isn't sure she should trust Martin, until she realizes she does trust him. But that trust may actually be misplaced once some major issues arise that she and Martin don't seem to deal with very well. 


This book was really good. I totally adored Kaitlyn and Martin together. They were awesome. I sort of hated some of the things Kaitlyn's friend said about Martin, because she doesn't really know him so I didn't feel she should say things like that. But I could kind of see her point at times. The end of this book left me crazy for more. I totally adore this series!  It has lots of sexy times, funny times, and a whole lot of drama.