Cold Burn of Magic by Jennifer Estep

Cold Burn of Magic - Jennifer Estep

Cold Burn of Magic stars when Lila finishes a job and must go turn it into Mo, her friend/handler, to get the money she's owed. However, upon arrival  at the shop where Mo works things get a little bit strange. You see, Lila lives in a world full of magic, monsters, and mortals. There are lots of things that go bump in the night, and Lila knows all about them. She's not your normal every day seventeen year old. She's so much more. And she's about to become very important to the "Families." All because she does to stick her nose where it didn't belong. Now, Lila most accept a job she has no desire to do, mainly because it is following exactly in her mothers foot steps, and that may not be a good thing. But she's damn sure going to try. 


This book blew me away. I was not expecting it at all. It brought forth a world that held so much intrigue I couldn't put the book down. I finished it all in one sitting, it was that awesome. I was expecting a lot from this book, mainly because I'm a huge fan of this author and her other series, and I was not disappointed at all. 


The characters were another thing that had me completely intrigued with the book. I loved the heroine and all of the mystery about her, and where she came from. And though we didn't learn too much about the hero, what we did learn was pretty exciting things. I can not wait to see if these two get together or not, and to see how it all plays out. This series seems like it is going to be EPIC! I can not wait for more.