The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

The Friend Zone - Kristen Callihan

This story begins when Ivy learns her father lent her car to a college football player he's trying to sign named Gray. She gets pissed, and texts him making threats about hurting her car, and other things like that. Gray responds to her, and eventually these two continue talking through text messages for a long while. Until Ivy returns to America from London. Even though she's going back in the spring she's excited to be home. And when she gets to finally "meet"Gray face to face these did not expect their major connection of friendship to form an attraction as well. Now, neither of them are sure of what the other feels, and how they should go about approaching the subject. But they both must fight hard for what they want before it is all taken away. 


The Friend Zone was a whole lot different than what I was expecting. But in a really good way. I really enjoyed the plot, even though at times I wanted to slap the hero and heroine for not just being up front about things. But still the whole story was very interesting, and had me hooked right from the start till the very sweet ending. And I adored Gray. He is now one of my favorite heroes! He was just that awesome. Yeah, he had mistakes that he made, but he was willing to fight for what he wanted, and I loved the way he spoke to Ivy. I also loved Ivy's nickname for Gray, and the fact that he didn't mind that she called him that even in public. So, that scored more points in Gray's favor to me! I was sad to see this one end, but I look forward to more in this series. Hopefully!