Henry by Andria Large

Henry - Andria Large, Megan Hershenson

I read the blurb about Henry (The Beck Brothers, #1) and I had to read it. 

It's about Claire a single mother of a two year old getting a new job that is a whole lot better than one she's ever had before. There she meets her boss, Henry, the most beautiful man she's ever met. Things progress really slowly between them. They each feel that they can't act on the attraction between them because they work together. But the do start to build a very strong friendship. 


Lots of things happen between them as their friendship progresses. They start to do things to help the other showing them how much they care about each other. And Claire has her son Ethan to think about. But Ethan and Henry also have a quick relationship. Ethan trusts Henry, and is easily taken with him. It was really sweet the interactions between Ethan and Henry. 


One main event in the book brings Henry and Claire together, and they actually have a better relationship afterwards. I also love the fact that the book introduces all of Henry's brothers, so we know that the story can continue with them. 


Claire and Henry are each very likable characters. Claire is sweet and kind. And Henry is completely changed because of her. This story holds  a beautiful romance, with lots of extra stories on the side. And of course an adorable little boy.  The only thing that bugged me was the whole issue with Henry's mom. That got old really fast, and then I thought it was just kind of stupid.

Other than that I really enjoyed this one, and I can not wait to read the next one.