Quinn by Andria Large

Quinn - Andria Large

Quinn is a man who has a secret. It's not just any secret though, it's a secret that hurts him deeply. He's good at not having people touch him, and keeping most people at a distance. Until he is forced to work with Margot, a French women who is so unlike Quinn it's crazy. She is extremely affectionate, and out going. She gets on Quinn's last nerve, he swears he can't stand her. But when She is practically thrown at him, he realizes that maybe she isn't as annoying as he thought. But Quinn's past keeps him from trying to have a real relationship.

I really enjoyed this book. It is probably one of my favorites of this series. I thought Quinn and Margot were perfect for each other. And I was glad to see more of the rest of the guys too. I can not wait to read more, and see what's going to happen next.