Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame

Imperfect Chemistry - Mary Frame
Imperfect Chemistry begins when Lucy London, resident genius, needs to come up with a study on passion before she loses her grant and all of her dreams end. Lucy hasn't ever really had friends, or any kind of emotional relationship at all. Now, that being said she's has a really good family, but she's always been a little different. Lucy sets out to figure out how to fix her problem. She enlists the help of a girl she met recently, and her next door neighbor who she is attracted to. 
At first the next door neighbor, Jenson, refuses to help her. But after some time these two start to become friends, and he's more willing to help. Along the way Lucy realizes that she has more than just platonic feelings towards him and things start to heat up a little bit. But she doesn't understand how to do relationships, and Jenson isn't sure how to trust anymore. 
This book was truly a breath of fresh air! I was immediately sucked into the story right from the start. And it just got better and better as I continued reading. 
The characters were the other amazing thing about this story. Lucy was an extremely different type of heroine. She's blunt, honest, but not in a rude way. And she's unsure of how to have connections with emotions, but she's willing to learn. And Jenson while being an alpha male in a way, was totally different from most guys you read about now. He was a major breath of fresh air. I adored his character. 
The only downside to the story was not getting more of Jenson and Lucy together. And towards the end it seemed to rush a little bit towards the end. But I still really enjoyed the whole book. It was very good!